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Sales shouldn't be hard. And salespeople like you should focus on what you do best - SELLING.


Leadswag is a done-for-you service that automates the most mundane (yet important) part of your sales funnel - the Top-Of-Funnel. We automate lead research, prospecting and email outreach for you so that you can focus on closing more deals, faster. Our AI-driven prospect identification technology combined with our team's experience in sales prospecting and email outreach seeks to achieve at least a 20-30% average response rate.

Plans start from $345/month. No contracts.

How does it work?





Once you signup, we'll ask you to complete a questionnaire about your business. We'll use this information to find targeted leads for your campaign.



We will create the initial outreach emails along with follow-up messages. Our email drafts are proven to get a high response rate from prospects in any industry.



Once your emails are created, we start generating a list of leads who are relevant to your business. We crawl the web and social networks to find them.



After achieving the number of leads for your plan, our system will queue your outreach emails.  These will be sent at optimised timings to ensure high open and response rate.



When we receive a positive reply from hot leads, we forward those replies to your designated company email right away. You (or your sales person) should follow-up with them immediately!


We will send you a spreadsheet of the leads we contacted on your behalf every month, whether they have responded or not. You're free to use this list for further prospecting!


Every plan sends you hot leads to your inbox in a turnkey fashion. The only difference is in the number of leads you want!


  • $345USD/month

  • 300 Leads Contacted Monthly

  • Customised Email Sequence

  • Custom Domain Name For Outreach Emails

  • Lead Sheet with Business Information


  • $695USD/month

  • 650 Leads Contacted Monthly

  • Customised Email Sequence

  • Custom Domain Name For Outreach Emails

  • Lead Sheet with Business Information


  • $995USD/month

  • 1,100 Leads Contacted Monthly

  • Customised Email Sequence

  • Custom Domain Name For Outreach Emails

  • Lead Sheet with Business Information

If you're not fully satisfied for any reason within your first 21 days, we will offer you a full refund of what you paid!

(for first time subscribers only)



Tell us what you sell and to whom you sell to and let us bring you the hot leads




Hiring a full-time salesperson to do lead generation and prospecting is expensive and not scalable. Outsourcing to virtual assistants is unreliable.

At Leadswag, our experience in sales and lead prospecting combined with industry-leading technology lets our team produce consistent results - fast. We do the grunt work so you can focus on what you do best - closing more sales!



Every month we send you a spreadsheet of the companies we have contacted. We call this the Lead Sheet. You will find a ton of information including the company's decision maker and their direct contact details.

A sales person would not spend the time gathering this data themselves, and even if they did, the information would be inaccurate at best!



With the Lead Sheet we provide monthly, you can import your prospect data into any CRM system and use other ways to prospect these individuals.

Use the email addresses in the Lead Sheet to create custom audiences for your social media campaigns, or hand them to a junior sales person in the office to continue following up with them until they become leads. The list is yours!


You'll get personalised, professionally-written emails that encourages the receiver to respond. From our email subject, to the first sentence in the email - every single email we send out on your behalf passes multiple spam checkers, and have a very high (proven) opening and response rates.


Whether you're doing the sales prospecting yourself, or outsourcing it to a cheaper alternative, you're more than likely to end up with an email that is similar to the one next to this paragraph of text. A first-outreach email like this would probably generate a 0.001% response rate if you're lucky, which is why these prospectors have to send over a million emails every month before they get a lead. Here are some issues with the way this email is formatted:

  1. Generic subject line with grammatical typo (It's supposed to be Performance-based Digital Marketing, the "hyphen" is in the wrong place)
  2. Dear Sir/Madam basically tells me this is a generic email
  3. Greetings!? Seriously?
  4. Four paragraphs of telling me who you are and what you do bores the hell out of me. And again, tells me this is a generic spam email and you don't know who I really am.
  5. Aalina would like to "touch base with me". What does that actually mean?
  6. No proper email signature and sign-off. Spam alert!
  7. The "p.s." is hilarious and immediately confirms to me that this is indeed nothing more than SPAM


What is Leadswag?

Leadswag is a done-for-you service that generates hot leads for your business on autopilot. 

Do I need LEadswag?

If you need more customers for your business and target specific industries, the answer is yes!

what are hot leads?

Hot leads are the leads we contact and who respond with interest. The amount varies depending on your service, price, offer, and your target market. Depending on these factors, your actual hot leads may be higher or lower than what is indicated. The numbers shown are estimates based on previous performance.

Can I use this service for multiple sales reps?

All leads get emailed to one primary contact in your company. If you would like each sales rep to be sent leads directly, then you will need to create an account for each rep. Otherwise, feel free to have them go to one main contact who can then disperse the leads.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, this is a month-to-month service. You are free to cancel anytime.

Can I use my own email address?

No, we will register a separate domain name and email address for you so that we can process the leads and handle them for you. In addition, this helps protect your domain in case recipients mark our emails as spam.

Is this SPAM?

No, it is not. We do not add people to mailing lists (these are one-to-one emails). We use your business address, we do not misrepresent or use misleading subject lines, etc. People are free to not get any future email correspondence.

How does LEadswag get leads?

Once we receive your requirements, our proprietary technology crawls the internet for publicly available information. This data is then verified by our algorithm for duplicates or errors. Our team of analysts verifies the data selectively and periodically to ensure accuracy and quality of our lead data, before any email is sent to these leads.

What countries are your leads in?

Our team is based in Singapore but our data is global. We do not contact leads based in Canada.

when will i start seeing results?

Our average response rate is 30-40%, which means on the lowest Leadswag plan you should expect to receive 9-12 hot leads within 30 days. Of course, the numbers may differ depending on your product/service, and whether you have provided us with sufficient information to determine the target leads for your outreach campaign.

how often are you sending emails to leads?

Our emails go out every weekday to new leads. Follow-ups are sent every 4-5 days to leads who have not responded to our emails.

when do i get the leadsheet and what is it?

A LeadSheet is a spreadsheet with business name, address, website and phone number. It also includes the professional contact details of the specific lead we have prospected. Your LeadSheet will be sent to you every month within 7 days at the end of your billing period.

do you have a refund policy?

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, feel free to request for a full refund within the first 21 days of your billing period. This refund policy applies to first-time subscribers only to prevent abuse of our service.


As this is a productized service, there is no free trial offered. However, you are free to try our service risk-free for 21 days, and if you’re not happy with anything at all, we will refund you for what you have paid. We use Paypal as our payment gateway, and stick by their buyer protection guarantee.

once i sign up, what's next?

We'll direct you to our onboarding form where you'll tell us more about your business. We will then start your campaign within 3 days.

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