Improved Service, New Pricing Structure

Hey Swaggers!

Felix here, Co-Founder and CEO of Leadswag. In the past months, we have signed up lots of clients around the world in different industries, all targeting different target leads and we've certainly learnt a lot from that experience!

Our current pricing model actually includes 2 services in 1, namely:

  1. Lead data generation and validation
  2. Email composition and prospecting

Our lowest plan gets your foot in our door for merely $345/month, and to top it up we're offering a 21-day no questions asked money back guarantee if you're ever dissatisfied with anything!

We've been hard at work putting together a better version of Leadswag, but we've come to realise that a lot of our time is taken up managing the second part of our service - the email prospecting. To that end, we've decided to grow our team and hire some professional copywriters to join the team, so our customers (you!) get emails that have a significantly higher open and response rate. To manage the cost of growing our prospecting team, we've decided to change our pricing structure starting from July 1st 2017.

The new pricing structure will be split into 2 parts to reflect the 2 different services that our customers are actually getting from Leadswag.

Part 1 - Lead Data

You'll pick a plan based on the number of new leads you'd llike for your business every month, and you'll receive them in CSV format on the first of each month. Prices start from $0.30/lead.

Part 2 - Prospecting Service

We'll assign a project manager to your project, and manage your email prospecting for you. You'll receive weekly roundups as to how well your campaign is doing, and you'll also get to work with our prospecting team to improve on your campaign content. You'll pay a fixed monthly fee of $600/month for this service.

We feel that decoupling both services that are distinctly different yet complimentary allows us to service our customers better and more efficiently.

First-time customers?

We currently offer a 21-day money back guarantee to all first-time customers, but over the last few months there have been a few unfortunate incidents where this has been abused and taken advantage of. Our team would allocate resources towards getting lead data, and spend time with these customers to draft and create their campaign. Despite receiving almost 10 hot leads (leads who are interested in what our customers are offering) within a span of 2 weeks, some customers asked for refunds and we had to write off the resources allocated to them. 

From July 1st, we'll also make some changes to our policy for first-time customers. Instead of paying full price and getting a money back guarantee, we will drastically reduce the price of your first month with Leadswag, include BOTH services (Lead Data and Prospecting), and help you get your campaign up and running. After the first month, you get to choose which service you wish to continue with. We think this is the best way forward for our customers, and our team so no resources are wasted and our first-time customers still have a relatively risk-free way of testing out the suitability of our service for their business.

If you wish to take advantage of the current price plans, simply sign up before June 30th and you'll get it! If you ever have any questions about the above, feel free to contact us! Have a good one!

- Felix